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Nichellee Marsh

Chief Operating Officer

She is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Marketing for Consumer Law Secrets LLC, a financial literacy corporation, where she manages a team of seven and is involved in providing educational materials and mentorship on consumer laws and wealth-building strategies. With a wealth of knowledge in matters of startups, e-commerce, branding, and digital marketing, Nichellee is a Master Communicator and Team leader.

Nichellee Marsh is also Brand & Business strategist known for her expertise in helping small business owners develop their brands and increase their revenue through creative designing, branding, system development, and digital marketing. Nichellee is a dedicated mom and businesswoman who balances her professional life with raising and homeschooling her now 3-year-old son. She serves as the Founder & CEO of The Branding Lounge LLC, a self-employed venture she established in January 2021.


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