Culture & Values

We’re building a company culture of radical inclusivity and absolute equity. To do this, our actions and achievements stem from our 10 company core values.

1. We change lives

  • We are customer-focused, which means genuinely putting the customer first. It means making decisions based on evidence of customer behavior, not opinion or ego. 
  • We are constantly gathering feedback from our customers and data about their behavior and results. We use that feedback and data to make our customer’s lives better. 
  • We show empathy to our customers, relate to them as individuals, not just numbers on support tickets or ad clicks.
  • We proactively listen to customers’ problems and find solutions, instead of assuming what their problem might be. 

2. We empower our team

  • We push forward together as a team and give each other constructive and honest feedback. We are building a winning team that wants the best for each other and our company.
  • Working with us, our team gets a chance to change their own lives, and by doing so, impact the lives of their families and communities.
  • As we work together, our team members gain stability within the company and in their personal lives. 
  • We encourage our team to pave their own path and not rely on “career planning.” 
  • Everyone has the opportunity to advance if they want to! 
  • We encourage our team to support each other’s growth, to put honesty, and what’s best for Consumer Law Secrets and our customers first.

3. We believe in Equity

  • We hire for talent and drive and value members by work deliverables and attitude.
  • No matter what race, gender, religion, the language we speak, who we date or love, we are all equal here.
  • Let’s work together to keep our team and customers safe.

4. We value education

  • We invest in our team’s education 
  • We support and provide our team members with the educational resources, training programs and certifications they need
  • We support personal growth and encourage our team members to educate themselves
  • We follow all the business related trends to offer our customers a proficient experience.

5. We offer solutions

  • Consumer Law Secrets started by offering a solution to an actual problem that a lot of people in the US are facing: Bad Credit
  • We are a group of talented people who enjoy solving problems together.

6. We support Independence

  • Independence comes through having a defined process that the entire team follows.
  • Reliable, high performing team members gain autonomy through trust.
  • Our work should be of the highest quality and reflect our effort, energy, and thought.

7. We encourage creativity

  • Our team members are creative individuals who would offer creative solutions to our customers
  • We don’t limit our team members 
  • We encourage and support creative thinking while implementing new solutions

8. We value Transparency

  • We share real data with the team – we share our vision, our goals, our work, and our critical numbers with the entire team.
  • Our team reviews their own work, reports on deliverables, and suggests changes and improvements.
  • When starting projects, we explain why not just how. We give context and set clear goals.
  • Share, don’t hoard – Our members share what they are working on so everyone can view and participate.
  • Our team members own their mistakes and use them to improve the process.

9. We support New Ideas

  • We brainstorm ideas all the time. In different slack channels and on our strategic Targeted Interactions.
  • Everything that we do stems from a clear objective. We expect our team to think strategically, to identify root causes, and see the bigger picture when offering new ideas.
  • We encourage new ideas through communication. We value active listening and challenging ideas respectfully. 

10. We focus on the long haul

  • We’re not a startup with outside investors.
  • We’re not planning to sell the company.
  • We work together on quick sprints as well as on long-term projects.

Our Pledge To Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe in CHANGING LIVES and that starts right here in the workplace with radical inclusivity and absolute equity! Our approach to hiring and working as a global team relies on valuing every individual for who they are, their belief in our movement, and their zone of genius superpowers! We do this through total transparency, gained trust, and autonomy. This results in our ability to thrive effortlessly together as we belong to a culture that empowers team members and changes lives.

Ready To Join The Team?

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