Haydee L. Powell

Chief Finance Officer

Haydee L. Powell, also known as Boss Lady HP, is an Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach, and Mom-preneur based in New York, USA. She empowers individuals to grow their mindset and business, particularly inspiring mothers to become mom-preneurs. Haydee is a single mother who successfully runs her business while also operating a Virtual Tax Office called TAX HERO, offering tax preparation, tax planning, tax resolution, and financial planning services. In addition to being a Tax Expert, she is an Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach, helping clients create thriving businesses and achieve self-empowerment.

Haydee is proof that mothers can balance their life and business with the right mindset. She also offers an online mentorship program called “Boss Lady University” for starting a successful business in 90 days or less. Her purpose is her daughter, her power lies in successful solutions, and her passion is traveling.

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