Erick Villeta, A.B., J.D.

Full Stack Developer

Erick Villeta is a Six Sigma (6σ) certified and legal professional, who designs and develops numerous websites under his personal brand — I Build Awesome Website, which caters to the digital marketing needs of startups, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), global brands and even Hollywood celebrities.

A known pioneer in the cyberspace who was been online since 1991, his contributions to The Scene and various IT-related industries are unparalleled including several Australian vocational edication training online courses; co-development of Victorum, a cryptocurrency; development of ads-driven free streaming websites and classifiied ads PaaS websites; reverse engineered software solutions; 3D animation, and NSFW video game Mods. 

He dabbles into tons of IoTs and occasionally on select DARPA projects. He’s an IT Swiss Army Knife.

He’s also an alumnus of the Order of DeMolay (DeMolay International) and Alpha Phi Omega (AΦΩ); a Freemason; and is currently the Tech Department Assistant Manager at Consumer Law Secrets LLC.

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