Daraine Delevenate is a Consumer Law Expert whose knowledge and expertise is predicated on accountability and results.
He teaches average and elite consumers how to repair, rebuild, and restore their credit using consumer laws. In just 6 months, his life was transformed after studying and applying consumer laws. That’s when he decided to dedicate his  work and time to cultivating a culture of consumer law and a focus on credit repair– both professionally and personally, for all. As an army veteran, he believes in service to the people. He believes consumers like you, should be armed with the knowledge and grit to employ the laws that were created to protect and serve them.

He was a full-time military employee. Got FIRED right after the pandemic. The military laid off a lot of people, including him. He lost all hope of success and was living an invisible life. If there could be one thing in which He was good? That was NOT GIVING UP.

With just $5000 in savings, he decided to invest in himself. He got mentorship and then opened up his LLC. He decided to help others fix their credit, it became a mission which then lead into purpose within the military with his credit knowledge. He witnessed big problems in credit, so he decided to help people outside the military.

The more he helped, the more fulfilled he became. His inbox (emails, text messages & social media) was flooded with questions like how he changed the financial situations of people, with his help, people stopped getting calls from debt collectors! And started getting results, lives were being transformed and people who use to get denied started getting approved. Derogatory and Negative accounts were being DELETED from credit reports.

Now he has leveraged his credit and made his whole life a tax deduction He believes — “Your Greatest investment you will ever make is an investment in yourself! You are your greatest asset.”

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“Don’t Suffer From Having Bad Credit.
It is not just time to survive; It’s time to thrive with good and excellent credit using Consumer Laws”


While stationed in the middle of the desert [ Kuwait] he built out an 800 credit score and a credible consumer profile. After leveraging my credit, he was able to rebuild an 800+ credit profile 3 times in less than 1 year, using Consumer Laws.

Let him will show you how to use Consumer Law to DELETE any account from your consumer report. This is your chance to reclaim the control that is rightfully yours!

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