How to Get Rid Of Negative Credit Cards

This short piece will help you how to get rid of negative credit cards from your credit report

Negative credit cards right?

We all have them but guess what, there is a way to delete the negative credit card from your consumer report. Let me show you. 


So 15 USC 1681 AD2B speaks on any authorization or approval of a specific extension of credit is not included in a consumer report. 


So your credit card, which is your social security card, that is used under Truth in Lending is defined as a credit card 15 USC 1602L, right. It defines your social security card as a credit card or credit device. When you move over to 15 USC 1681 AD2B, it speaks on authorization or approval of a specific extension of credit that came as a result of a credit card or a similar device is not included in your consumer report. 


This is the law that shows you why the credit card or negative credit card in this and is not a part of your consumer report. You control the narrative so you can get it deleted.

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