How to get paid $1000 or more per Inquiry

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Delete inquiries and get paid $1000 for them


I tell you a story because stories are important

So here it goes…

I went to credit con right. And there was some executives at credit con that said that they report information to consumer reporting agencies, and they didn’t say consumer reporting agencies, they said credit bureau, 


🧑‍🏫I have to correct them as Credit bureaus don’t exists.


So basically, they were saying that they don’t verify information. And I was shocked out of my mind. So I said, Why don’t you verify information? They said that they are trusting that the companies and the corporations that are given them are that’s pulling the report, done your due diligence, I was shocked out of my mind

II’m gonna say this again.When I asked the representative of the data collection companies, if they are verifying information, to make sure that the that the firms and corporations that are pulling consumers credit report are following the guidelines, and that they are doing what they’re supposed to do. 

The guy looked at me and they said NO. They trust and believe that the companies that are putting consumers information, are pulling it based on the fact that they have the right information. 

So they are trusting that these Corporation collection companies do actually are following the law.

I was shocked out of my mind!

And this is real stuff. I have it on tape. This is real stuff. They are not checking it.


So who has your back if you’re not the person that’s learning this stuff who is going to protect you?

And this is a legit question who’s going to protect you if you’re not in the streets learning consumer law protecting yourself who is going to protect you 

Ignorance is no excuse here, right? 

Do you know what is permissible purpose ?and what does permissible purpose mean?

Let me explain !

So when we when we talk about permissible purpose, we’re speaking about given written permission for a person and we also know that the definition of person is a corporation government entity a trust

Okay I make it simple. I Daraine Delevante interacting, give XYZ finance company the right to pull my consumer report. Boom, I gave them permissible purpose as per 15, USC 6092 b two,  I gave them permission. 


But hold on… What about everybody else that I did not give permission to, or 30 other dealerships, or financial institution that I didn’t know was going to pull my credit. I didn’t give them permission???

If I didn’t get that disclosure. If I had gotten information that 50 dealerships, or banks, or financial institutions, were going to pull my credit, guess what I might have not have done it. But I could not made I could have, they didn’t give me the opportunity to make that decision. 


Because they didn’t tell me that 50 other institutions, were going to pull my credit, if I had known that I would have never gave permission. 


Now here is the Gem💎


This is what 15 USC 1681 B A says be a to subject to subsection C. Any consumer reporting agency may furnish a consumer report under the following circumstances and no other number two says In accordance with the written instructions of the consumer to whom it relates, what does that mean?


So the word here is may furnish. So there is no law that says they have to furnish anything. 


That’s the first thing I want you all to get. It says they may furnish a consumer report under the following circumstances and no other. 

So if someone uses your information without your permission, that is identity theft.

Click here to how to deal with identity theft

So let’s go to the definition of what person means. The term person means any individual partnership, cooperation, trust, and state, Cooperative Association, government or governmental subdivision or agency or other entity. 


So when we hear words, don’t assume you know a meaning, always ask for the definition of a word. Do not be out in the streets, saying, Oh, I understand. 


No, I don’t. 


What is the definition? Always ask for the definition. Ladies and gentlemen, I promise you, you will not go wrong.


You can get paid $1,000 per inquiry, you can get more $1,000 is the minimum. 

I’m gonna say this one more time. You can get paid $1,000 minimum for inquiries that you did not give permissible purpose for.

How to get paid ???

I tell people all the time, you can get paid for having bad credit. 


I’m gonna say this one more time. You can get paid for having bad credit. Yep, I’ve said it. You can get paid. 


The thing is, how how do you get paid from having bad credit? Is it possible? Absolutely

Here’s what the law says

In the case of liability of a natural person for obtaining a consumer report under false pretences or knowingly without a permissible purpose, actual damages sustained by the consumer as a result of the failure, or $1,000, whichever is greater. 


So there’s two things I’m going to break down, I’m going to break down the $1,000, which is what everybody heard, 


what is something else that you didn’t hear? And when I say $1,000 is the minimum, you can actually get paid more?

 if you’re doing $50 per inquiry, I am not a mathematician. So you will not judge me right now. So 15 times 50. That’s an easy $750 Easy.

What’s the HECK ???

So now, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to see where these inquiries came from. Hmm, this company, this company and this company, okay, I’m gonna send one of my letters, right. I’m going to send one of my letters, and I’m going to request a deletion of these inquiries. 


I’m sending the letter directly to the person Who pulled the inquiry, not to the consumer reporting agencies guys, you’re not sending my letters to the CRA s, you are sending the letter to the person that pulled the report.


Remember, you’re not telling any lies. You’re not saying this account doesn’t belong to me. You’re not saying none of that? No, that is child’s play. That’s child’s play.


What we’re asking is this, you have no permissible purpose, delete the inquiry


They’re going to rebut this and say, we have permissible purpose. You gave it to us. Okay cool so  Provide me the document where I gave you permission. 


So if you say, I gave you permission, it should be a no brainer, or it shouldn’t be so easy for you to provide a document to me, that gave the permissible purpose, right. 


So now, guess what? They don’t have the documentation, because you never gave them permissible purpose in the first place


So, if you said I gave you permission, but I am asking, you know, for the document, where 15 USC 16 ad one b two says that I gave you that written permission and you cannot provide a document what what do we have ladies and gentlemen? 


That equals identity theft my friend

Does it make sense now ??

This is why I love consumer law so much. Because if they don’t do what they do, they’re supposed to do all I need to do is find out what they were supposed to do. 


Tell them what they’re supposed to do. And if they didn’t do it, you owe me some money.


So this is what I keep telling you. Do not go to the consumer reporting agencies. You see, the dealership that you went to you gave the dealership permission? Yes. But if the other companies that you did not give permission to says you gave permission, all you have to do is request the document. 

You see what I’m saying? So if they say that you gave them permission, request the document that you gave them permission

So if they refuse to provide you the document, what does that simply mean? 


I’m not fighting with nobody. I’m not. If you say I gave you permission, just provide a document. 

That’s all I’m asking for. Now, if you’re gonna go around the corner, and you cannot provide me that information I’m requesting it simply means you do not have it, 


and then I’m gonna get the CFPB the BBB, the FTC and my state attorney general involved? Because now I’m making complaints to everybody 


So with that being said, ladies and gentlemen, please remember, inquiries, there is nothing special about inquiries. So let’s get the inquiries deleted the right way. Let’s get the inquiries deleted the right way. Do not put your account at risk for fraud alert by doing it incorrectly. 

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You are your greatest asset. No one is coming to save you

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